Сезон: 2, Эпизод: 1 (Индия)

Эпизод 1 (Toofani TUBE, Keede PADE)

Stunt 1 - Toofani TUBE - This task was where the celebrity girls were required to pull out ribbons from a massive tube which had water and wind blowing at a speed of 100 miles/hr. The catch was that the tube kept moving like a see-saw and one would lose balance. The only sports celebrity Sonika Kaliraman got hurt while performing this task and got 5 stitches on her chin.

Stunt 2 - Keede PADE - This task involved shifting earthworms and alike creatures from one bowl to another using only one's mouth. One team member head popping out from bottom of bowl and other member had to transfer the creeps from one bowl to other members head (in bowl). Out of Jesse (39 secs with 8 flags and Shweta(35 secs with 8 flags) Shweta Salve got the safety Band and hence exempt from doing this task. Rosa and her partner performed this task the best with 1min 42 sec. Shonali and her partner got Eliminated from this task with 6min 9 sec.

Дата эфира: 2009-09-07
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