Сезон: 2, Эпизод: 11 (Индия)

Эпизод 11 (Okhli Me SAR, Der aaye BULLDOZER AAYE)

Stunt 21 - Okhli Me SAR - Both members of the team have their inside a joined cabin. There are 4 keys that needs to be transferred from mouth to mouth inside the cabin and open the locks up. The cabin is filled with big and small roaches, scorpions, spiders, grasshoppers, etc.

Stunt 22 - Der aaye BULLDOZER AAYE - This is where the Celebrity participant needs to start the car by inserting 4 keys in right sockets. Once all 4 keys are inserted and turn on all 4 lights. Once done she then needs to press the Red button, speed in hit the gallon. All this needs to be while the tractor approach her to push the car down the hill. Only Shonali manages to start the car in time and drive up hence won the task. Nauheed, Jesse, Rosa and Carol for Safety Belt and hence were exempt from doing this task. Shonali was the worst performer of earlier morning task (Stunt 21). Sonika & Janice got eliminated as Sonika couldn't hit the any light with the key.

Дата эфира: 2009-09-23
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