Сезон: 2, Эпизод: 13 (Индия)

Эпизод 13 (Dimag ka Dahi, Without Ticket)

Stunt 25 - Dimag ka Dahi - Stunt one was a time based partnered stunt. The pairs were chained together with four different coloured locks. There were four drums on which large bowls filled with rotten fish, chicken legs, live worms, etc. were placed and at the base of the bowl was placed a dial with a four digit code written on it in a particular colour. Pairs had to match the colour of the code with the lock and unlock it. The contestants only with the help of their head could move the filling of the bowl to read the code. Only in the last drum could the partners prompt each other about the code. The one good thing was that the partners had to do it alternately since it was a gross and stinky stunt. Rosa was very upset with her partner’s performance and so was Akshay. Overall most of them performed well. Three contestants got the safety band for this stunt.

Stunt 26 - Without Ticket - Stunt two was a time based individual stunt. Only the girls had to do it. This stunt required them to sit in the cockpit of a plane which would fly to a 4000 ft altitude. The girls had to come out of the cockpit and get onto the wing holding the rope tied across and walk to the tip of the wing. At the end was a red button which they had to press and walk back the same way. The stunt would end once they reached the cockpit and gave the co-passenger a high five. This was one of the most dangerous tasks in Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2. The girls who did the stunt found it scary but enjoyed the experience. The challenge was to fight the wind and move forward. Shonali Nagrani had to leave the game.

Дата эфира: 2009-09-28
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