Сезон: 2, Эпизод: 15 (Индия)

Эпизод 15 (Agar Magar, Chakke pe Chakka)

Stunt 29 - Agar Magar - The stunts are getting dangerous and challenging by the day. But the four remaining pairs seem to be ready for any challenge that comes their way. Stunt one was a time based partnered stunt. In this the pairs had to jump into a swimming pool full of crocodiles and pull out as many as they could in three minutes. They had to catch the crocodiles by the tail, pulling them by their limbs was not allowed. Prashant got injured on his toe by a crocodile and Gurmeet got injured on his face and felt giddy after doing the stunt, he was administered medical help. They all performed well and the hunger for the safety band became more visible. Anushka and Jesse got the safety band.

Stunt 30 - Chakke pe Chakka - Stunt two was also a time based partnered stunt. This stunt had a moving truck with a ramp and a car following it with a ramp fixed on its top. There was a gap between the car and the truck which had to be bridged by the contestant driving the car. Another car followed driven by the partner which had to be drive up the ramp and parked on the truck. The contestants Rosa and Carol successfully completed the stunt and the timing made all the difference. Rosa and Prashant were evicted in this episode.

Дата эфира: 2009-09-30
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