Сезон: 2, Эпизод: 6 (Индия)

Эпизод 6

Stunt 11 - Stunt one was a time based partnered stunt. The partners would be suspended on a disk and hand cuffed to the pole. The task was to unlock their hand cuffs and jump in the water below. The challenge was the constantly swinging disk. Almost everyone had a bad fall when they hit the water and Sonika, again, got hurt on her chin. Jesse scrapped her thigh due to the jump. Mandira fell on her chest and had a blackout for a couple of seconds. Everyone had performed very well but only one worthy contestant got the safety band.

Stunt 12 - Stunt two was a time based individual stunt. The girls were supposed to pick flags from the top of a revolving car. This demanded extreme balancing skills coupled with focus and grip. Rupali was chosen to go first. This stunt turned out to be as difficult as it looked and soon everyone realized that only their better judgment could save them. Sonika lost her cool and could not do the stunt well. Carol and Goonj were evicted.

Дата эфира: 2009-09-15
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